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Redemptiontv.net is home to some of the best exploitation, sexploitation and Japanese pink films ever made.

Here you will find works by the extraordinary director Jean Rollin; whose unique, almost fairytale-like take on the vampire is still enthralling and gaining fans as people continue to discover his work.

Also available here are numerous examples of Pink cinema; a uniquely Japanese genre in which drama, human relationships and eroticism are mashed with humour, or sometimes horror, and served up as feature films that are often eccentrically individualistic, highly creative, and never, ever dull.

We add new titles every Saturday, and will add to our section for alternative culture, fashion, music and lifestyle. Indeed if you have any content; from music promos and live performance footage, to short films and full features… and everything in-between – then please get in touch and email us at info@salvationgroup.com


This Summer on RTV is forecast to be hot and wet, but we ain’t talking meteorology…
Every week this Summer we’ll bring you a new steamy and sexy cinematic offering.



Our most recent additions to the Redemption Crypt.

Special Offers & Curated Bundles

Settle back for an evening of movies, specially selected to compliment each other for your viewing pleasure. Showcased at reduced prices these double bills are only available for a limited number of weeks.


Redemption – horror and exploitation

Here you will find the vampire films of Jean Rollin, along with exploitation epics like the completely OTT Black Magic Rites and Nude for Satan. Also, here are nunsploitation classics like the Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine, Sacred Flesh and contemporary nun films like Confessions of a Sinful Nun.


The Cosmotropia de Xam Collection

Nearly thirty years ago Redemption introduced the world to Jean Rollin, Jess Franco, and exploitation cinema; and for many the works of these directors were difficult to deal with. Acceptance took time. Now we are doing it again. Director Cosmotropia de Xam’s films mix sixties and seventies aesthetics with contemporary imagery and music that combines to create an exciting and sometimes disturbing mix.


Sacrament – Japanese Pink Cinema

Sacrament is our Pink Cinema label and currently our most popular genre after horror. Here you will find absolute classics like Mototsugu Watanabe’s Sexy Battle Girls, and Osamu Satô’s sexy medical jaunt Nurse Sisters, through to contemporary Pink successes like Naked Desire and Naughty Harajuku Girls. The one thing that you won’t be, watching a Sacrament film, is bored!


The Jean Rollin Collection

Rollin’s work is unique, surreal, and ethereal. Often containing imagery and storylines that fluctuate from the gothic and fairytale-like, in films like Shiver of the Vampire and the Iron Rose, through to the brutal violence and almost delirious sexual sadism found in titles like Demoniacs and The Living Dead Girl.

The result is a director that often alienates many potential fans who find his work too uneven or dream-like, while for others Rollin is a fabulously flawed genius whose unique take on the vampire and eroticism gives them a glimpse into a parallel world which will stay with them forever.


The Domiziano Cristopharo Collection

Visually both decedent and extreme, the gritty truth of man’s flaws, the beauty of potential, with gore, sex, and unbridled terror. Cristopharo’s films are some of our current favourites, and are not for the faint hearted.


The Jason Impey Collection

Jason Impey is a prolific film-maker, influenced heavily by classic video nasties, exploitation cinema, and horror in all its forms. Here are several of his titles, all with his unique brand of horrible people, doing horrible things, reflecting the dark underbelly of humanity.


The Eileen Daly Collection

Face of Redemption, Eileen Daly’s very own production company make comedy shows and films with a horror slant. Eileen herself has played more vampires than any other actor! Watch them exclusively here on Redemption TV


The Grant McPhee Collection

Enter the dreamlike and ethereal world of Grant McPhee, a Pop-Art fairytale of darkness and wonder. Captivating visuals, sensationally good soundtracks, occult imagery, retro aesthetics… Everything we love!


The Culture Collection

An eclectic mix of Cultural items for your delight, including music, reviews, and more… Several items in this section are entirely free to view.


Alongside all of these features, we want to showcase the experimental, challenging, and provocative and that often means short films or promos. Currently, this innovative selection includes Visions of Ecstasy, a twenty-minute interpretation of the visions of the 16th Century Carmelite nun Saint Teresa of Avila which was banned for over 25 years. Also, here are several shorts featuring members of the notorious Satanic Sluts, two of Jean Rollin’s earliest films, and AXEL, a wonderfully surreal tale of a girl dreaming of her own death. Axel also has a haunting and original soundtrack by the incredible Danielle Dax.


Sacrament – J Girl Yummy series

A special series featuring the women of JAV (Japanese Adult Video), up close and personal is a series of one-on-one films between the stars of popular Pinku, and YOU!


The Satanic Sluts

The notorious Satanic Sluts were Redemption’s infamous real-life, all-girl collective that existed in various forms from 2002 until about 2014 when they mutated into a film label. Releases have included titles like The Black Order Cometh and The Black Masses both filmed during the early noughties. More recently their  ideas have been portrayed in new productions like A Girl, The Girl with the Orange Nails and She Comes in Colours – the latter two which we hope to premiere here soon.


Jezebel – Sexploitation

Our long-running Jezebel label covers everything from sexy comedies like Jean Rollin’s Schoolgirl Hitchhikers, through to classic erotic dramas like Frigid Fantasies and Complicity, starring the fabulous Zara Whites. Contemporary erotica is also catered for with films like the Charlie’s Angels parody Luna’s Angels and the darkly sensual Italian title The Order. 


Purgatory/Carnal – Contemporary erotica

Purgatory is erotica from its Golden Age in the Nineties and Noughties, when story-led content was still in the ascendency and directors like Antonio Passolini, Gregory Dark, and the groundbreaking Michael Ninn were producing some of their best and most explosive work.

Carnal is our newest label and is home to some of the best and latest material around with the emphasis on female driven storylines.


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