Eileen Daly’s Sinema Reviews – Twilight Dinner

Twilight Dinner, Yutaka Ikejima, 1998

A new series on Redemption TV as our favourite scream queen and the face of Redemption, the wonderful Eileen Daly, gives her unique, personal and light-hearted take on our latest releases.

This time it’s a rare type of Pinku, the vampire type! From Mr Pink himself, the prolific Yutaka Ikejima – Twilight Dinner. A tale of a man, with a crush on a lady, who has a pretty hot sister, and some very strange habits; including but not limited to an aversion to the sun, a penchant for personally decanted red wine, and being rather twitchy around injuries that have broken the skin. Poor Kazuhiko has now discovered that sunlight hurts his eyes and he’s so very hungry but unable to eat food… Whatever could have happened to him?!

“much bigger and grander than a traditional pink film… exceptionally graphic with plenty of fun bloodshed and leaves quite an impression” … We can’t wait to see the impression it made on Eileen and her good friend and bandmate Raven!

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