Wolfgang Büld Triple Bill

The bizarrest threesome you’ll ever see!

Penetration Angst – 2003, 102 mins

Some Girls Are To Die For.

Helen (Fiona Horsey) suffers from a psychotic dread of penetrative sex; her lovers are ‘consumed’ by a ‘vaginal monster’ that leaves only their clothes behind…

“If you only see one film about a killer pussy this year this should probably be it!” – filmblitz.org

Twisted Sisters – 2006, 97 mins

Nobody Gets in Her Way.

A dark thriller dealing with the personal struggle between two twins (Fiona Horsey plays both sisters), one given everything a girl could wish for, one had to learn to survive on nothing. Now it is time for the tables to turn…

“another disturbingly entertaining slice of Anglo-German darkness” – Mjsimpson-films.blogspot.com

Lovesick: Sick Love – 2004, 94 mins

Blackmail. Lies. Murder.

Julia (Fiona Horsey) tries to help her no-good boyfriend come up with the money for a drug debt, but starts an unfortunate chain of events bringing her and the hotel manager, Michael (Paul Conway) closer together, or so it seems. When his love for Julia appears unrequited he goes a step too far, waaay too far, and from there, things get very ugly indeed…

“The film is cynical, brutal, perverse, sometimes disgusting – if you like to stay in an harmonious, beautiful world you should avoid Lovesick: Sick Love!” – wipfilms.net