The Rape of the Vampire

Jean Rollin, 1968, 91 mins

AKA Le Viol Du Vampire

Rape of the Vampire is Jean Rollin’s first feature film and the result is an audacious, extraordinary, and at times incomprehensible, take on the vampire legend. Centred on four sisters who are either mad and believe that they are vampires, or are sane, but actual vampires.

A local psychiatrist is convinced that the sisters’ alleged vampirism is purely psychological and sets out to prove it. Added to the mix is a mysterious “Queen of the Vampires”, a “blood-wedding”, and a mob of enraged villagers; complete with pitchforks and burning torches, bristling and ready to abuse and assault the sisters.

“The Rape of the Vampire is an essential film for fans of Jean Rollin, it’s certainly one of his best, and is also a great place to start for those unfamiliar with Rollin’s work.” – Cosmic Catacombs