Hot Wet Summer: Scantily-Clad Crime-Fighters

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When it gets hot, clothes get skimpy, but crime still needs to be fought!

Mask the Kekko: Reborn, Nozomu Kasagi, 2012, 64 mins
AKA Kekkô Kamen: Ribôn

Manga hero Kekko-Kamen appears once again in her iconic red mask, boots, and *checks notes*… nothing else, to battle the sadistic teachers and evil headmaster of the nations top prep school! If you thought DC’s Power Girl’s costume was a little revealing, you won’t know what’s hit you!

Beach Volleyball Detectives Part One, Yumi Yoshiyuki, 2007, 60mins
AKA Bîchibarê deka: Tôsatsu sutôkâ o oe!

Haruka and Wakana are hot young female Tokyo Police detectives. Together, they foil international conspiracies that threaten the free world! A group of terrorists plot to set off a nuclear device in Tokyo, posing as sexy female beach volleyball players. Haruka and Wakana must wear their bikinis and pose as beach volleyball players too, in an attempt to apprehend the terrorists and save the world!

Beach Volleyball Detectives Part Two,Yumi Yoshiyuki, 2007, 60mins
aka Bîchibarê deka: Nazo no kôchi o tsuiseki seyo!

Sexy police detectives Haruka and Wakana are back in part two! Hot on the tracks of a group of international terrorists who are trying to sabotage the beach volleyball tournament and cause mass destruction with nuclear weapons, Haruka and Wakana must go deep undercover as beach volleyball players in order to foil the terrorists’ plot. Undercover work was never this good looking!