Eileen Daly’s Sinema Reviews – Phantasmagoria

Phantasmamgoria – Cosmotropia de Xam, 2017

A new series on Redemption TV as our favourite scream queen and the face of Redemption, the wonderful Eileen Daly, gives her unique, personal and light-hearted take on our latest releases.

This time it’s Phantasmagoria, from director Cosmotropia de Xam, whose films mix 60s and 70s aesthetics with contemporary imagery and music, which combines to create an exciting and sometimes disturbing mix…

Set in a grey, bleak, and decrepit European town an American investigative journalist (Rachel Audrey) is looking into a series of macabre and strange phenomena that have been impacting the local residents. She suspects that it is something in the water? Audrey encounters a local girl, Valentina (Mari K), who, surrounded by caged birds and speaking in demonic riddles, warns of a great evil infecting the town. Then Diane starts to change…

Phantasmagoria is like no other film you will have seen. Imagine Jean Rollin mashed with Borowczyk and then the resulting work re-imagined by Jess Franco – visual blasphemy!

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