Schoolgirl Hitchhikers

Jean Rollin, 1973, 79 mins

AKA Jeunes Filles Impudiques

Best known for his erotic horror films, such as The Rape of the Vampire, Lips of Blood, and The Living Dead Girl, French filmmaker Jean Rollin frequently indulged in the softcore (and occasionally hardcore) sex film. Among the more personal of these films is SCHOOLGIRL HITCHHIKERS , which reflects many of the themes and fascinations that run through his esoteric body of work.
Joëlle Coeur (Rollin’s Demoniacs) and Gilda Arancio star as a pair of lovers enjoying a blissful cross-country hike. But the carefree erotic film turns suddenly dark when the women are set upon by a band of thieves who think they have stolen their loot, and use sadistic means to force a confession.

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