Prison Girl

 Naoyuki Tomomatsu, 2008, 61 mins

I had a dream I was in jail…

Akaya is troubled by nightmares of a strange life she does not know, where she is a prisoner, subjected to horrible treatment and endless stripsearches by the guards… and sometimes she is covered in blood. The tablets the doctor gives her do not help, and perhaps more disturbing… She is starting to enjoy the guards’ treatment and becomes uncontrollably horny in real life, not that her husband would notice. As the dreams increase and become more intense, her home life takes a turn when goons arrive to claim payment of a debt and say they will take her body in lieu of the money. Lines will blur, and dreams and reality will merge.

Watch a free interview with the star, Asami, in our Culture Section, here.

“Visually and thematically, this is a film which aims to bring back the quality of series such as “Female Prisoner Scorpion” or “Hanzo the Razor” for the genre foundation is impressively utilized to arouse more than just the viewer’s senses..” – Asian Movie Pulse

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