Der Blutharsch Live, 22nd April 2006.

Camera: Nigel Wingrove.

Editing: Gary Chandler-Honnor

Around the 2006 to 2008, Salvation Films filmed a number of concerts and events with a view to screening them on a forthcoming online channel. That channel progressed through several iterations over the coming years before finally emerging as in 2020, a streaming channel covering horror, exploitation films, Pink cinema and culture.

So now, almost sixteen years later we can begin the process of editing and screening what is a unique collection of never-before-seen filmed material. The first in this collection is a concert by the now defunct and controversial band Der Blutharsch which was fronted by the late Albin Julius (1967-2022). It was organised by Hinoeuma the Malediction with DJ Blackdeath 1334 providing subtle sounds sand is a real piece of social history.

Filmed in concert at London’s Slimelight in 2006 this is a unique chance to see Der Blutharsch in action at one of London’s best alternative venues.

$4 for 72 hours VOD