François Gaillard: Blood, Sorcery, and Ultra-Violence

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Blood, Sorcery and Ultra-Violence

I Am the Ripper: François Gaillard as Eric Anderson, 2004, 94 mins
Taking violence to a whole new level, ‘I am the Ripper’ explodes out of the scene like the Matrix on crack! Fast, furious and relentless… In this killer tale of horror, a rip-roaring teen party turns into a nightmare when a mysterious masked figure murders the guests one by one and then challenges the lone survivor to a duel… for his soul.

“An underrated high intensity low budget French horror film with strong action elements.”

The Witching Hour: François Gaillard as François Merlin, 2006, 106 mins
A fast, furious, pumped up adrenaline ride through Hell. A group of gangsters battle their way through zombies, crazies, demons, psychos, and some pretty full on witches to get back a stolen gem. Featuring extreme fight scenes, brutal violence, and some sick humour, The Witching Hour is pure raw energy injected straight into your eyes! Twice!!

“…wears its influences on its routinely sliced-off and bloodied sleeves… no masochistic hipster can do without at least partially viewing it… outrageous and fun” – DVD Talk

13 Notes in Red: François Gaillard 2020, 75 mins
After a drunken evening, Charlotte wakes up in the middle of the night on her bed. While she has no memory of the past few hours, she hears her co-tenant being violently attacked in her room…

A tension and violence packed offering from Gaillard, that is slick both with blood and gore, and in its production.