Zombie Carnage

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A triple-bill of zombie carnage, gore, and chaos, as the dead rise up and bite the living….

Dead County: Christian Fescine, 2021, 89 mins
When you are alone in a world full of flesh eating corpses, loneliness can be the worst killer. Even though the world has been taken over by the Living Dead, Wendell still finds a way to encounter the tribulations of mankind….

“…fun, indie zombie movie, that I think has heart sprinkled throughout. With its beautiful shots and interesting characters I think “Dead County” holds up in a nice horror-night viewing.”

Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre: Eric Eichelberger, 2012, 111 mins
All these girls wanted was another chance. All they got… was a zombie apolcalypse! Finding themselves in a reform school run by an evil woman and her equally demented scientist brother, four girls uncover a plot to turn attractive rocker guys into lobotomized sex slaves, by lacing Girl Scout cookies with a super-secret serum… It’s up to the girls to clean up the mess and restore peace before it’s too late.

“This movie is totally ridiculous and amazing. I love the mash up of musical meets women’s prison meets zombie story line and girl gang vibes.”

The Turning, AKA Zombie Lover: Jason Impey, 2010, 92 mins

Dillon Slater has a complicated past and is on the run. Coincidentally, he runs into his ex-girlfriend Stacy, who is trying to escape her abusive husband Michael.

Michael is also secretly bringing corpses back to life to create a Nazi army…

“Desire leads to murder, murder leads to passion and passion leads to The Turning”