Larissa Anzoategui: Demons, Monsters, and Death

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With everything from naked flesh to ninja fights, including killer soundtracks and killer strippers… This triple-bill has it all!

Helldose, 2021, 75 mins

A Brazilian horror anthology of devilish deliciousness featuring 6 drinks, 6 flavours, and 6 diabolical tales!

Welcome to your dose of Hell, administered by the fantastic Larissa Anzoategui… Our spooky and seductive hostess will bring us 6 stories, featuring Cthulhu worshipping hookers, demon blood designer drugs, demons, action, gore, and FLESH!

Domina Nocturna, 2021, 74 mins

A woman wanders the streets with hallucinations of an overwhelmingly beautiful vampiress, Satan worshipers seeking eternal life, an overconfident witch looking for the perfect recipe, and a passion that survives beyond the grave…. A dreamlike goth opera, with homage to Rollin / Franco, and inspiration from Byron, Brazilian Álvares de Azevedo and Anzoategui’s passion for expressionist aesthetics.

With a 66.6% female crew this tale is so gothic, it could turn you into a bat!

Astaroth, AKA Astaroth: Female Demon, 2020 (shot 2014), 76 mins

A tattoo artist, Gregorio, becomes obsessed with the occult and in particular, the demon, Astaroth; and as part of a ceremony to summon the demon mixes his blood with the ink he uses to create his satanic tattoo art. Astaroth, in turn, begins to work her evil through two girlfriends of Gregorio and unleashes Hell on earth!

It’s sexy, it’s bloody, it’s got tattoos, demons, parties, metal bands and even a brief display of ninja skills – A must-see for fans of Brazilian horror!