Horrible Humour

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Madness Abounds in this Triple-Bill featuring Killers, Demons and some Truly Horrible Humour!

Mr Crispin: Eileen Daly, 2022, 80 mins

Eileen Daly and the I See The Dead team are sent to investigate Mr Crispin, and will potentially unearth a terrible secret! With its tongue firmly in its cheek, this is a hilarious adventure into the mystery, wonder, and just quite how weird some people can be.

Eileen and her ghost busting team return in Hollywood Betrayed for more investigative thrills and spills!

Planet Zee: Zetkin Yikilmis, 2021, 96 mins

Zee is an amateur film-maker, trying to make it big, and living with her kooky Grandmother. One evening Zee and her producer friend Serge get drawn into the strange and mysterious Game of Power that infects Zee’s computer. They soon realise it is more than a just stupid spam game, and that their only option is to play through to the end, and hope to survive.

“A very unique horror comedy with a lot of film references and a unique statement on filmmaking and being a female filmmaker! Extremely underrated.”

P.S.Y.Borgs: David Hyatt, 2019, 84 mins (across 5 episodes)

Our world is threatened by the most evil man ever known. He possesses an ancient relic, he has an army at his command, and he wants to conquer the universe! Too bad there’s a team of heroes that can stop him. Now all it takes is some sharp skills, some psychic strength, and a whole buttload of justice…

Homage and parody of 80s action shows; PsyBorgs is the love child of Knightrider and The X-Men, after a few terms at Power Rangers school, and takes itself exactly as seriously as you’d expect.