Sublime // Subversive


A showcase of sublime visuals, subversive soundtracks and supernatural sensations.

An introduction to the mind of Grant McPhee, featuring previously unseen shorts only available as part of this bundle!

We begin our journey with two short music videos, music provided by Barry McPhee.

Firstly, Aphlogistic, followed by Unflame.

Our first full feature, Night Kaleidoscope, will follow – you will notice that as well as the lighting that is almost Grant’s signature, there are other elements to expect from his work. Urban settings, branches reaching like skeletal fingers, and strong and compelling soundtracks feature as well as vampires, psychic trips, and a dark Edinburgh underbelly in this grimy, psycheldic noir.

Follow us into two further shorts, again with music from Barry McPhee. Effliuvium, and The Bell Witch of Leith continue to illustrate Grant’s undiable style and energy.

Now you have a feel for what makes Grant tick, settle in for our dark fairytale finale… An art student struggles to keep her metaphorical footing after the offer of a lifetime seems to pull her into darkness. Featuring Sorcha Groundsell and Victoria Liddell, with a beautiful soundtrack from Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade) Far From the Apple Tree is ‘dazzlingly beautiful’ and ‘disorientating and hallucinatory.’