Eileen Daly’s Sinema Reviews – Blind Love

Daisuke Gotô, 2006, 64 mins

A new series on Redemption TV as our favourite scream queen and the face of Redemption, the wonderful Eileen Daly, gives her unique, personal and light-hearted take on our latest releases.

This installment brings Eileen’s second Daisuke Gotô title, from our Sacrament label (Japanese Pink Cinema), Blind Love. A strangely beautiful romance set amidst a comedy of errors. A blind girl falls in love with the voice of a ventriloquist, but mistakenly believes it to belong to the body of his much taller assistant. Not wanting to disappoint her with his slight stature he and his assistant embark on a complicated arrangement, that certainly befits a ventriloquist!

Watch Eileen’s reactions and thoughts in this eleventh instalment of Sinema Reviews. WATCH NOW FOR FREE!

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