Eileen Daly’s Sinema Reviews – A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn

A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn, Daisuke Gotô, 2003

A new series on Redemption TV as our favourite scream queen and the face of Redemption, the wonderful Eileen Daly, gives her unique, personal and light-hearted take on our latest releases.

This time it’s award-winning Pinku, from critically acclaimed director Daisuke Gotô – A Lonely Cow Weeps At Dawn. A very moving and gentle film that not only explores aging, dementia, what lengths people go to for both the people they care about, and for their owns situations. It does this by telling a story about a young widow, who pretends to be her father-in-law’s favourite, and sadly deceased cow, so as to not cause him distress that the cow is no longer there. Because of course! By ‘pretends to be’ we mean ‘let’s him milk her’. Because of course!

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