Blind Love

Daisuke Gotô, 2006, 64 mins

AKA Lidashi Kanete

In this Cyrano-De-Bergerac-esque comedy of errors, a blind girl falls in love with a ventriloquist by merely being able to hear his voice. However, when she meets him, she mistakes his (much taller) friend for the ventriloquist. Not wanting to disappoint her about either voice or height, the friends embark on a complicated arrangement…

This bittersweet Japanese film won lots of international praise for its bold performances. Watch Eileen Daly review the movie here, or buy it on DVD here. If you enjoy Daisuke Gotô you can also stream Mourning Wife, or A Lonely Cow Weeps At Dawn.

“An excellent film that combines comedy and drama in the best fashion”  –

“Hilarious, gentle sex comedy” –