Beyond the Speed of Life

Grant McPhee, 2023, 65 mins

A Visual Pop-Art Fairytale Companion to the Port Sulphur Speed of Life album.

Beyond the Speed of Life : 1970 is a visual accompaniment to Port Sulphur’s ‘the Speed of Life’ long-player.
Shot entirely with 1960s vintage 16mm cameras and lenses it is an exploration of early music video aesthetics, B-Movies, amateur filmmaking and the Underground – Warhol, Brakhage, Deren, Mekas and Anger.
Reflecting the recording of the Speed of Life album, the filmmaking process deployed a similar ‘automatic’ writing approach of unlearning technique, a refusal of pre-determined composition and ensuring that ‘first ideas’ take priority regardless of secondary thought merit.

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This film contains Psychedelic Music, Images of Beat Girls, Paganism, Blood, Flashing Lights, Underground Carnaby Street and Repetitive, Non-Linear; Self-Indulgent Film-Making Techniques.

If easily offended – DO NOT VIEW!

$4 for 72 hours VOD