The Witching Hour

$4 for 72 hours VOD

François Gaillard as François Merlin, 2006, 106 mins

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

A fast, furious, pumped up adrenaline ride through Hell. A group of gangsters battle their way through zombies, crazies, demons, psychos, and some pretty full on witches to get back a stolen gem. Featuring extreme fight scenes, brutal violence, and some sick humour, The Witching Hour is pure raw energy injected straight into your eyes! Twice!!

From the same director as I Am The Ripper, which is available here.

“…wears its influences on its routinely sliced-off and bloodied sleeves… no masochistic hipster can do without at least partially viewing it… outrageous and fun” – DVD Talk