Weird Vampires

The strange, surreal, and savage world of the vampire…

Night Kaleidoscope – Grant McPhee, 2017, 83 mins

Edinburgh’s cobbled back streets transform into a dark dreamscape brimming with supernatural menace. Fion, a cynical psychic investigator, must take powerful drugs to boost his waning abilities; inducing visions that will allow him to track down a pair of vampires who are terrorising the nocturnal population.

“a sleek and ultra stylish vampire flick… accompanied by a brooding and engaging score”

Diabolique – Cosmotropia de Xam, 2013, 60 mins

Esmakra is a milk-like substance used by vampires to infect the human race. Causing addiction. Controlling them. The shadow of darkness is where the vampires stay. Saturated neon colour lights of the big city. Soul intoxication of a single ticket. Near the streets of the weeping houses they are looking for their next victim. A victim for spreading their anima…

“A modern psychedelic homage/throwback to the early 70s and the days of atmospheric Jean Rollin movies…” –

“This is a surreal nightmare, infused with strong visual influences from Zulawski to Jean Rollin to Japanese horror manga, set to a score that moves from pounding 80s-style electronics to 70s prog and psychedelic rock.” –

Space Vampire – Chris Alexander, 2020, 52 mins

A beautiful leather-clad humanoid (Ali Chappell, NECROPOLIS: LEGION) walks the earth in a dream. Holing up in a monstrous home by day and prowling the streets by night, the otherworldly woman flits in and out of reality, replaying the grisly murder of her doppelganger (Cheryl Singleton, FEMALE WEREWOLF) while doubting her sanity and the very nature of her existence.

“a wholly experimental, multi-media meditation on memory, isolation, identity…and bloodletting.” – Horror Society

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