Violent Delights

Edin Alain Martinez, 2020, 90 mins

AKA Beber de tu Sangre AKA To Drink Your Blood

Imagine what a mash-up of Jean Rollin’s Requiem of a Vampire and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre might look like, and then add even more blood, sex and gore, and lace it with strong hallucinogenics…

Now you start to get the basics of Violent Delights, a new Mexican vampire film by director Edin Alain Martinez.

The whole film is dreamlike, unworldly and unstructured but holds together well. Violent Delights tells the story of a vampire couple who are getting a bit tired of each other, this being one of the drawbacks of immortality. Alani, the female vampire wants a baby but Gabriel, the male vampire, doesn’t and so they row. To resolve things they decide to invite a few friends over for dinner and then things go from nasty to batshit crazy

‘a strangely compelling film’

‘the film demands attention’

Hollywood Horror Festival – 2020

Best Foreign Language Film, Best Foreign Language Director, Best Foreign Language Actress, Best Foreign Language Actor, Best Original Score