Tied, Twisted and Tormented Triple-bill

Three films that push the concepts of human sexuality and erotica to the limit!

Human Livestock AKA Asobizuma: Hirusagari no Kairaku AKA Bestiame Umano

Minoru Inao as Akira Fukamachi, 1999, 56 mins

Tamie’s husband Shuhei is a famous novelist who mysteriously disappeared after WWII. One day, his old friend Mikuni shows up to Tamie’s house and accuses Tamie of killing him.

Tamie has no choice but to explain the actual, and yet perhaps even darker events…

“Twisted, tragic and grotesque” – cinemazoo

Educating Yuna AKA Juban o nurasu hebi: SM kaika-hen

Yutaka Ikejima, 2005, 61 mins

A shy and innocent college student, infatuated by a famous professor, goes to stay at his countryside home, to help him organize his art collection. There, she meets Erika and Miho, an S&M queen and her mistress.

Through them, Yuna is introduced to a new, unfamiliar, and tantalizing world; which tests the boundaries of her acceptance.

“Slick, sexy and at times genuinely engrossing” – rockshockpop.com

New Tokyo Decadence: The Slave AKA Dorei

Osamu Satô, 2007, 62 mins

A secretary is introduced to the world of SM by her boss and begins a journey of sexual experimentation. Fifty Shades of Grey – Pinku style…

This film is based on the main actress, Rinako Hirasawa’s personal experiences, and is an interesting female take on a sadomasochistic relationship.

‘The scenes of real BDSM, … are as painful as they are authentic’