The Silence of the Sushi Rolls

Mototsugu Watanabe, 2001, 62 mins

Gropers and Tokyo’s Sexy S.W.A.T. team battle it out on the city’s trains!

This is part homage and part spoof of the Silence of the Lambs…

…though in this case, the villain is a pervert who is hanging out on the Tokyo subway using a hi-tech brain manipulation device to molest women!

These perverse activities come to the attention of Tokyo’s sex crimes unit and S.W.A.T. team detective Claire is put on the case! With the help of the world-famous professor Dr Honeybar Nectar, Claire will uncover an intricate plot of epic proportions, leading all the way up to the Japanese prime minister! Justice in the form of extreme vaginoplasty (that must be seen to be believed!) is served and Claire will finally be able to silence the sushi rolls screaming in her mind.

‘it’s a film all about sex, sex, sex from beginning to end’ –