The Pleasure Hotel

Kinya Ogawa, 2015, 70 mins

AKA Ero bantô: Nozoite iyan!

The Pleasure Hotel accepts all guests looking for a nice, relaxing time. Yuji is the ultimate host. He keeps his place clean and tidy, welcomes guests cordially, and throws in extra perks left and right. Ice cold beverages at a moments notice? Check. Onsen bath? Check. Personal massage? Double-check.

Sawako, who is married but neglected, checks in to unwind while she’s away from her cheating husband. Michiru and Yuka, a lesbian couple with a dark secret come to stay as well, igniting a passionate romance. What these guests don’t know is that Yuji is a peeping tom, and will take any chance he gets to spy on them and catch them in their most compromising situations.

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A hotel owner who’ll do anything for his guests… so long as he can watch!