The Pharmacist

Chester Sit, 2010, 113 mins

AKA Le Pharmacien

Spencer is a narcoleptic, and ever since a traumatic event occurred while he was asleep years ago, he has been afraid to live. After ten years of the same plain, repetitive life as a pharmacist, Spencer decides that life just isn’t worth living anymore. But before he gets the chance to end his life, an old friend convinces him to do something he wouldn’t have ever thought to do.

Tommy deals drugs. When he heads to Spencer’s pharmacy wanting to purchase a lot of drugs, Spencer sees the opportunity to do some living – and make a lot of money. But when Spencer falls asleep unexpectedly and awakes in the Emergency Room of the hospital, he sees someone worth more than all the money in the world.

Alice is a nurse. Trying to get away from a life of drug addiction, Alice tells Spencer her dream of opening a nursery. Infatuated, Spencer decides to stop dealing and spend his newly acquired wealth to help her. Unfortunately, the act of kindness catches the attention of someone else – someone who is bad news.

Romeo is insane. And he loves money. And he is dangerous.

Suddenly, Spencer’s boring life becomes extremely complicated. Caught between the life of drugs and murder that Romeo has roped him into, and the life with Alice he longs for, Spencer only knows one thing for sure – he has something to live for now.

Drugs were the least of his worries…