The GM Affair

Denis Marti, 2008, 90 mins

A rich businessman organises a sensational robbery, using mercenaries who do not know his real identity. The police find one of the thieves, but cannot track down the man behind the crime. The detective in charge of the case is then joined by a beautiful, but ruthless, bounty huntress hired, by the insurance company. Greta (Greta Martini) uses her unconventional methods to approach various jetsetters, and after several unsuccessful attempts identifies Terry Caldwell (Denis Marti) as the probable organiser of the robbery.

A risky game of seduction starts between the two, with the not-too-secret aim of finding the other out. With her fascination and seductive ways, Greta breaks through Caldwell’s barriers and helps the police collect the evidence needed to bring him to justice. Caldwell, not content, plans another robbery, leaving Greta to choose whether to betray him or have him arrested.

Will Greta succumb to Caldwell’s charms, or will she do her duty?