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Jason Impey, 2024, 73 mins

You can be really sick sometimes….

Criminals, and general psychopaths, Quaid and Kurk escape from prison and kidnap a pretty woman to ensure their protection. Quaid’s treatment of her eventually takes things further than Kurk is comfortable with, and the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game with two corrupt police officers, Doug & Charles, hot on their trail.

Jason‘s ultimate Director’s cut, retells, adds to, and improves a tale you may have viewed snippets of in Psychopaths, and follows on from Tormented; with the usual levels of depravity you should, by now, expect from him!

Received extremely well at Horror-on-Sea in January of this year, this new final cut is a totally new film in its own right, while still being based on Jason’s favourite subject matter… Absolute wronguns!