Talk Derby To Me

Ricky Greenwood, 2018, 103 mins

Together they’re Hell on wheels…. and Heaven off of them… 

Allison Decker (Joanna Angel) and Suzy Weston (Stoya), known as the infernal duo BRUISER & CRUSHER, used to rule the track in roller derby world; until their relationship ended after Suzy was injured by Allison.

Years later, Suzy is the coach of the Los Angeles Pussy Posse and Allison is back hoping Suzy will forgive her and let her return… What follows is hot action on and off the track as the girls of the Pussy Posse battle their rivals, and each other, both on and off the track.

“Big-budget sports drama is the 80s’ bubblegum lesbian wet dream that we didn’t know we needed.”