Summer Showcase: Sylvain Malin

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Jean Rollin has influenced many of the creators on display in the RTV crypt.

Sylvain Malin’s films comprise another addition to our Summer showcase 2023 and have been matched here for your enjoyment alongside The Iron Rose, which Sylvain tells us is the Jean Rollin title that influenced him the most…

“This film has a unique atmosphere which mixes eroticism and the macabre, these are two universes I like to link together, so it is an important source of inspiration for me. There is a very surrealist poetry that speaks to me as a filmmaker.”

Horreur Surréaliste

Manon, 18 mins, Sylvain Malin
Manon is a short, Rollinesque-style film centred on a young woman, Manon (Audrey Vallee), who suffers from schizophrenia. As the film progresses, the line between reality and a dream-like alternative in Manon’s mind gradually blurs and she succumbs to violent madness.

Dance of the Savages AKA La Danse Des Sauvages, 37 mins, Sylvain Malin

A gothic love story in which a young man (Benjamin Romieux) from a wealthy family falls in love with a mysterious and slightly wild-natured woman (Camille Duterte) who he encounters one night in his local church. Victoire (Madeleine Hely), the daughter of another wealthy rich family is jealous and creates a diabolical plan to defeat her savage rival.

The Cursed Island AKA L’île Maudite, 56 mins, Sylvain Malin

A gothic tale of superstition, fear, and isolation… An isolated fishing community finds its very way of life under threat when none of the men return from their fishing trip, and demonic strangers appear in the woods. As they realise they are not as alone on the island as they thought, suspicion, despair and unease grow and as one of them seems to go into labour tensions escalate further. What can these mysterious interlopers possibly want?

The Iron Rose AKA La Rose de Fer, 1972, Jean Rollin

This is one of Rollin’s rarest films, and a true treat for fans. Centred on a young couple who make love in an abandoned tomb and find themselves trapped for the night among the graves and crypts of a massive cemetery. The pair frantically try to escape the haunted grounds but all in vain as they are slowly overtaken by hysteria and finally death.

An evening of fantastique, morbid beauty… Very French, very mystical, very mysterious