Summer Showcase: Jason Impey

A triple-bill of traumatic terror from Jason Impey…

The Bleed – 2023, 45 mins

A woman, inconsolable about the break up of her relationship, and unwell, finds herself trapped with her two friends in a rather disgusting and unsavory bathroom. As they realise the severity of the situation they are in things start to drastically unravel as emotions flare.

Will they ever manage to leave this horrible bathroom? Why did they even come in to this place?

No really, why??

Tormented – 2009, 40 mins

A young woman, Faye is kidnapped and struggles to break free, but why has she been targeted and what dark secrets does she have?

What price will it cost her to get away from him and her past once and for all?

What can torment drive you to?

Visions of Filth – 2012, 63 mins

A man suffers in agony, his life flashing before his eyes… It is a life that has always been filled with pain, distress, gore, depravity. However… it is only now, in what seems like his last hours, that he is not the one inflicting this on other people. As you see more of his memories you will be shocked at any empathy you felt for this man. Is he not haunted by these ghosts at all?!

“This film was fucking disgusting… And I loved every fucking second of it.” – Steve’s Horror Cave

Winner – Best SFX: Sarah of Horror Film Festival 2022

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