Summer Showcase: Cosmotropia de Xam

$9 for 5 days VOD

Hallucinogenic horror and visual blasphemy put the TRIP in triple-bill…

Phantasmagoria, 2017, 71 mins

“This strange girl told me something about the water….”

Set in a grey, bleak and decrepit European town an American investigative journalist (Rachel Audrey) is looking into a series of macabre and strange phenomena that have been impacting the local residents. She suspects that it is something in the water? Audrey encounters a local girl, Valentina (Mari K), who, surrounded by caged birds and speaking in demonic riddles, warns of a great evil infecting the town. Then Diane starts to change… Phantasmagoria is like no other film you will have seen. Imagine Jean Rollin mashed with Borowczyk and then the resulting work re-imagined by Jess Franco – visual blasphemy!

“There’s no compromise in the delivery of this piece and in a wholly satisfying way we are at the mercy of the director and the journey they wish to take us on.”

“a moody, melancholy tour of some truly breath-taking locations: a study of decay.”

Black Mass of the Brain, 2016, 78 mins

It will eat your brain and spit it out like the Whore of Babylon!

The reality, the image of a nightmare from a journey through a burning brain. A Black Mass. Two people. One looks like the other, yet different. A language does not seem to be understood in an old house, which becomes a trap of the Persona Shock. The ritual as a game of a bizarre world?

Black Mass of the Brain takes you on a mind bending journey, both visually and aurally mesmerizing.

Acid Babylon, 2020, 60 mins

A Psychedelic Acid Trip

After the river went red, the vampires left Babylon. The city is empty. Only one woman survived. She is the last woman. Daughter of Nosferatu.

Filmed on original filming locations of:
Les Demoniaques (1974, Jean Rollin), Phenomena (1985, Dario Argento), Lucifer Rising (1972/1980, Kenneth Anger), Daughters of Darkness (1971, Harry Kümel), Malpertuis (1971, Harry Kümel), Nosferatu (1979, Werner Herzog).