Stab Kill Die

Vincent D’Amato, 2020, 70 mins

AKA Catholic Cheerleaders For Satan (2011) 

The Devil Made Them Do It!

After confronting her best friend for cheating with her husband, Lorraine (Danielle Korda) heads to a theatre to watch the latest horror movie, which features a team of Satanic cheerleaders (Jennifer Wright, Janessa O’Hearn, Laura Leone Hancock, and Kacie Heart) who murder and cannibalize their way through a “cheerleaders’ retreat”. Meanwhile, Lorraine snaps and begins to dispatch bloody revenge of her own, unaware that she’s being manipulated by a gory, alien sex parasite that has been infecting each of her sexual partners. As both stories play out through parallel worlds of wild horror, neither of the realities are what they first seem to be, leading to an explosively bloody climax!

Nine reels of 1970s’ drive-in gut-smashing, cheerleader-bleeding, satanic-slashing mayhem!