She Dreams in Black

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Enter a world of Dreams, Magic, and Madness…

Axel: Nigel Wingrove, 1989, 8 mins

Our very own Nigel Wingrove’s gothic and ethereal short, to put you on the path of magic and madness…

Domina Nocturna: Larissa Anzoategui, 2021, 74 mins

Our heroine wanders the streets, stumbling through various visions… The hallucinations are of an overwhelmingly beautiful vampiress who does not understand love, of Satan worshipers seeking eternal life who become trapped in a cycle of death, of an overconfident witch looking for the perfect recipe, and of a passion that survives beyond the grave….

A dreamlike goth opera, with homage to Rollin / Franco, and inspiration from Byron, Brazilian Álvares de Azevedo and Anzoategui’s passion for expressionist aesthetics.

The Iron Rose: Jean Rollin, 1972, 85 mins

This is one of Rollin’s rarest films, and a true treat for fans. Centred on a young couple who make love in an abandoned tomb and find themselves trapped for the night among the graves and crypts of a massive cemetery. The pair frantically try to escape the haunted grounds but all in vain as they are slowly overtaken by hysteria and finally death.

The Film’s uniquely peculiar atmospherics have gained it a cult following… some consider it on a par with the original Carnival of Souls.

Phantasmagoria: Cosmotropia de Xam, 2017, 71 mins

Set in a grey, bleak and decrepit European town an American investigative journalist (Rachel Audrey) is looking into a series of macabre and strange phenomena that have been impacting the local residents. She suspects that it is something in the water? Audrey encounters a local girl, Valentina (Mari K), who, surrounded by caged birds and speaking in demonic riddles, warns of a great evil infecting the town.

Then Diane starts to change…

Phantasmagoria is like no other film you will have seen. Imagine Jean Rollin mashed with Borowczyk and then the resulting work re-imagined by Jess Franco – visual blasphemy!