Sex Horror & Satan

Lose your inhibitions, lose your mind, lose your soul, and Hail Satan!

The Bloodsucker Leads The Dance

Alfredo Rizzo, 1975, 89 mins

A smooth-talking count, with resplendent canine gnashers, a ghostly white complexion, and the personality of Atilla the Hun gathers a collection of female admirers in his island castle for a weekend party. The count tells them that both his father and grandfather had chopped the heads off their wives, which is a coincidence because they suddenly find themselves being decapitated one by one…

“at least three decapitations and as batshit an ending as you could ask for.” – Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies

Nude For Satan

Luigi Batzella, 1974, 91 mins

A Doctor seeks help for a young woman he has found by the side of the road in a strange, remote csastle. The castle appears to house not only the strange young woman’s doppelganger, but his own as well… These strange goings on are only the tip of the iceberg; and it seems that the beautiful woman that is his host here is concealing a terrifying secret…

“in its core it’s something quite original and disturbing…classic Italian weirdness” – horrornews

Black Magic Rites AKA The Reincarnation of Isabel

Renato Polselli, 1973, 98 mins

A newly-wed couple arrive at their ‘new’ castle, unaware that strange satanic rituals are taking place in the cellar… efforts to resurrect a centuries dead woman, who was burned alive for witchcraft in front of her lover, and swore her revenge in the fire…

“Rita Calderoni, stands out throughout the film both for her screen presence and her various states of undress” – DVD Drive in