Scandalized – Satanic Sluts III

$4 for 72 hours VOD

Nigel Wingrove, 2009, 73 mins

Shocking! Outrageous! Naked!

If it’s unfit to print then it’s in SEXGATE…

Tabloid Exposés! Celebrity Fantasies! Lesbian Lust in Space!

Starring Voluptua, the Satanic Slut that brought down Brand, Ross and the BBC!!

Eight girls! Seven tabloid tales! One film!

Inspired by tabloid sleaze, Voluptua relaxes and lets her dreams take you to every naughty scenario you can think of; from military dress downs, to 60’s style sci fi.

Starring first generation Satanic Sluts: Georgina Baillie AKA Voluptua, Michelle Thorne, Robyn Truelove, Harmony Hex, Holly D, Vaudy Ruin, Sophia Disgrace, Krystal Nacht.