The Sapphic Sinema of Ricky Greenwood

All-girl action, on the mat, on the track, and in the cloisters…

Girls of Wrestling, 2019, 121 mins

With girls like these, nobody loses… A female pro-wrestler, Layla (Ariel X) loses her license for drink driving she gets a second chance to prove her worth by training a group of amateur female wrestlers and getting them ready for big a wrestling event. The only trouble for Layla is that these wrestlers are just as hot off the mat as they are on it. A fabulous mix of drama, sports mixed with some of the hottest girl on girl action you’re ever likely to see!

Talk Derby to Me, 2018, 103 mins

Together they’re Hell on wheels, and Heaven off of them… Allison Decker (Joanna Angel) and Suzy Weston (Stoya), known as the infernal duo BRUISER & CRUSHER, used to rule the track in roller derby world; until their relationship ended after Suzy was injured by Allison. Years later, Suzy is the coach of the Los Angeles Pussy Posse and Allison is back hoping Suzy will forgive her and let her return… What follows is hot action as the girls of the Pussy Posse battle their rivals, and each other, both on and off the track.

Confessions of a Sinful Nun, 2018, 106 mins

Confessions of a Sinful Nun centres on the devout Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely) as she lives a peaceful life with her other sisters. Unfortunately, everything will change when Sister Lily (Lily Adams) arrives at the convent. Sister Charlotte is suddenly seduced by the temptation of being with another woman. This attraction and desire will shatter everything she believes in. Meanwhile, Mother Superior (Nina Hartley) will have to deal with other outbreaks of forbidden and salacious behaviour among the other sisters…

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