S & M Hunter

Shûji Kataoka, 1986, 61 mins

AKA S M 18 Sai: Kurèn Chûzuri

S&M Hunter is a rope-bondage superman, seemingly able to tie women up in seconds; and by strategically placing knotted and taut rope between the women’s legs, can also (by the cunning method of strumming the rope like a guitar), bring the woman in question to orgasmic ecstasy.

Taking in everything from a bound nun to a women in a spider web Japan’s non PC rope ruffian is having a field day until he is summoned to take on a gang of female kidnappers called The Bombers. Madness ensues, climaxing in a battle between one of The Bombers dressed in full Nazi regalia and the S&M Hunter. Offensive and totally over-the-top, S&M Hunter, is a fabulously outrageous Pink Cinema ‘must-see’!

“Manga-style outrageousness that is guaranteed to offend everybody!” …Lars Nielsen, Fantastic Fest