Sometimes Violence IS the Answer…

Crazed criminals, cunning capers and visceral violence in our new rumble bundle… Sometimes, violence IS the answer

Bloodlust, Jon Hewitt & Richard Wolstencroft, 1992

Three vampires wander the streets of Melbourne killing, screwing and taking drugs. They decide to carry out a heist, stealing three million and attracting the attention of various psychotics, who chase them through a blood spattered odyssey into the Melbourne underground.

“It’s like a particularly bloody cartoon that has just seeped into the real world” – Scary Minds

The Pharmacist, Chester Sit, 2010 (AKA Le Pharmacien)

Spencer is a narcoleptic, and ever since a traumatic event occurred while he was asleep years ago, he has been afraid to live. Tommy deals drugs. When he heads to Spencer’s pharmacy wanting to purchase a lot of drugs, Spencer sees the opportunity to do some living – and make a lot of money. Alice is a nurse. Trying to get away from a life of drug addiction, Alice tells Spencer her dream of opening a nursery. Romeo is insane. And he loves money. And he is dangerous.

Suddenly, Spencer’s boring life becomes extremely complicated.

Shoot the Hero! Christian Sesma, 2010

Kiss the Bride. Take the Money.

A shopping trip for wedding rings for a soon-to-be-married couple unintentionally becomes a mad and almost deadly jewel heist drama. In addition, there are two hit men out to clean up the evidence.

“This film really delivers in the way of story and action.” – DVD Legion

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