The Vampires of Jean Rollin

A vampyric and sensual visual treat

Lips of Blood

Lips of Blood tells the tale of a young man haunted by a photograph of an old castle near a beach, whose name and whereabouts he can never remember, and a women in white who he sees again and again. Eventually, he follows the woman in white to a cemetary where he unwittingly frees several female vampires who threaten to cause mayhem on the streets of Paris…

“themes of childhood, nostalgia, undying love, and the vampire mythos in this typically enigmatic, striking work”


This is director Jean Rollin at his best; visual delights, sensual, lesbian love-making, the beautiful Brigitte Lahaie as a scythe-wielding avenger and a group of castle dwelling bourgeois women addicted to drinking blood. The story centres on two women, chosen by the group, who have to find a man that they can ritually slaughter and communally consume in a cannibalistic vampiric feast.

“Jean Rollin does his customary masterful job of crafting a supremely eerie and erotic dreamy atmosphere that’s both chilling and intoxicating in equal measure”

Requiem For a Vampire

Centring on two young women on the run from a robbery and a New Year’s Eve party where they had dressed as clowns. The pair end up aimlessly wandering the countryside before taking refuge in a crumbling and abandoned castle and unbeknown to them home to the last of the vampires…

Requiem for a Vampire was Jean Rollin’s favourite of all his films. Because he dredged the scenario from his subconscious, and because it was rushed into its written form so quickly (Rollin claimed that he wrote the entire script in only two days), he felt it was his purest work.

“an artistic expression that delves into aspects of the macabre that most shy away from”

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