A Threesome with Roberta Gemma

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Roberta Gemma sizzles in three of the hottest movies around…

The Specialist, Francesco Fanelli, 2007, 75 mins

The race is on to obtain a formula with miraculous effects, that was developed by a biologist hidden somewhere in the Venezuelan paradise. Many people are on the scientist’s trail, but only a Specialist can carry out the mission in this game of intrigue and seduction. The first to get their hands on the precious formula will become rich… very rich.

Diary of a Secretary, Francesco Fanelli, 2007, 75 mins

A woman is hired by a controversial lawyer with links to the crime world to keep a record of his secret hedonistic life. The secretary, curvaceous Roberta Gemma, then finds herself drawn into her boss’s life in the most intimate ways imaginable. She finds herself the object of not only his lust, and that of his friends, but also of his enemies… With each indiscretion dutifully recorded in her secret diary, this is no ordinary secretary.

‘for lovers of the forbidden…. and Roberta Gemma’

The Order, Francesco Fanelli, 2006, 79 mins

The carefree holiday of a young couple is upset by an unexpected meeting with a vagrant, who persuades the girl to accept an old wooden box as a gift… When she later opens it she finds it contains an antique, jeweled medallion, which she immediately puts around her neck. The medallion is (of course) cursed and brings Roberta under the evil influence of a satanic cult and their charismatic leader, who slowly draws out and exploits Roberta’s dark, sexual nature.

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