Requiem For A Vampire

Jean Rollin, 1971, 88 minutes

AKA Caged Virgins also Virgins and Vampires also Sex Vampires

A truly amazing and utterly spellbinding take on the vampire theme, with the director, the late Jean Rollin successfully mixing elements of the fairytale, surrealism, horror and erotica into a striking visual feast that is almost devoid of dialogue.

Centring on two young women on the run from a robbery and a New Year’s Eve party where they had dressed as clowns. The pair end up aimlessly wandering the countryside before taking refuge in a crumbling and abandoned castle and unbeknown to them home to the last of the vampires…

…fetishistic kinkiness and sadism……..George R. Reis, DVD Drive-in

…explicit, rather creepy sexual content…..Kyle Anderson, Nerdist