Play Dead

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Tetsuya Taketodo, 2009, 74 mins

Still warm… Strange for a dead body…

A pinku comedy of errors, focusing on a clog maker, in debt to the sleazy village elder as modern fashions make their way from the city to his quiet, rural way of life, replacing his beautifully crafted traditional clogs. Before debt, and the sleazy Zenzo, can destroy his love life, he and his wife Osei hatch a devious plan to fake her death… despite the punishment in their village for lying being smashing out your own teeth with a rock!

Unfortunately for Osei, the whole village are perverts, so as she lies still, pretending to be dead, she has to endure even more wandering hands than the plan was hatched to escape. Luckily the hapless villagers are as bad at groping as everything else and she remains relatively unscathed, and at some point even left alone and unguarded. As she runs to escape in the woods, her friend becomes convinced she is a ghost, her husband falls too far into the role of widower after a lot of sake, and events reach a hilarious crescendo as Osei battles to come out on top of the whole debacle.