Planet Zee

Zetkin Yikilmis, 2021, 96 mins

Poof! Just like magic…

Zee is an amateur film-maker, trying to make it big, and living with her kooky Grandmother. One evening Zee and her producer friend Serge get drawn into the strange and mysterious Game of Power that infects Zee’s computer.

They soon realise it is more than a stupid spam game, and that their only option is to play through to the end, and hope to survive.

Extremely tongue in cheek, Planet Zee embraces any limits set by its meagre budget, and with a shrewd self-awareness tells a unique and enjoyable story, with an almost self deprecating humour. Yikilmis delivers a campy, funny, and charming homage to a genre she clearly loves, and has pulled it off virtually single handedly (Director, star, gore FX – all from this one woman movie making machine)

“A very unique horror comedy with a lot of film references and a unique statement on filmmaking and being a female filmmaker! Extremely underrated.”