Double Bill: New Tokyo Decadence – The Slave / Uncle’s Paradise

Osamu Satô / Shinji Imaoka, 2007 / 2006, 62  mins / 64 mins

Two Pinku movies for the stunning price of $6.66, featuring sex, sadomasochism, sexual mania and love…

In the first feature, New Tokyo Decadence: The Slave (AKA Dorei), a secretary is introduced to the world of SM by her boss, becoming his personal sex slave as they begin a journey of sexual experimentation together.
The film is based on the main actress, Rinako Hirasawa’s personal experiences and so offers an interesting female perspective on the relationship.

Our second film, Uncle’s Paradise is a really bizarre and wonderful pink film – Uncle Takashi unexpectedly visits his nephew Harou who lives a simple life in a fishing village. The problem for Harou is that his uncle has a few personal issues… When he’s asleep he has noisy nightmares, and when he’s awake he’s a sex maniac!
While humourous, this film offers a bittersweet acknowledgement of humanity’s need for fulfillment, in a rather hilarious Pinku kind of way, but still….