Yutaka Ikejima Pinku Party!

Celebrate the birthday of the legendary Mr Pink, with a threesome of movies at our PINKU PARTY!

Twilight Dinner, 1998, 62 mins

A pale-looking man, Kazuhiko, is being questioned by the police following the extremely bloody murder of a young woman. He begins his story with the day that two sisters, Akiko and Mayuko, moved into the house across from his. After helping the pair move in, he starts talking with the younger sister, and soon they become intimate. The relationship continues for a while, but one day the sisters suddenly pack up and disappear, but not before sharing their secret with Kazuhiko. What kind of secret could have caused him to commit such a murder? Or did he?

“Much bigger and grander than a traditional pink film… exceptionally graphic with plenty of fun bloodshed and leaves quite an impression” – imdb

” Has all the madcap makings of a pinky genre classic” Cinemadioevo

Japanese Wife Next Door, 2004, 60 mins

A quiet office worker looking for a girlfriend and marriage, goes to a party, meets a pretty girl and starts dating her. Six months later they get married and he discovers her secret, she’s a nymphomaniac!

At first he enjoys the nonstop sex, but then tires and starts staying at the office longer to avoid all the sex. Soon his wife’s lustful cravings force her to look elsewhere … his family. Seducing everyone from his father to his grandmother, his wife turns his entire family into sexual animals!

“Packed to the gills with sex, nudity, insanity and funny moments” I Heart Chaos

The Muse, 2008, 63 mins

Director Yutaka Ikejima (MR. PINK) has been a prolific contributor to the world of Pinku Films. He has acted in and directed some of the most popular Pink Films- The Japanese Wife Next Door series, Twilight Dinner, and many, many more. In this, his 100th film as a director, Mr. Pink takes a retrospective look at the world of making and starring in Pink Films.

“A great, not pink, but overall film” – Asian Movie Pulse

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