2020, 97 mins

Directed by: Toby Hyder, Steven Longhurst, Sam Mason-Bell, Maude Michaud, Chris Milewski, Tony Newton, Mike Peter Reed, Shane Ryan, Tyler Sage, Agostina Scola, Lilith Singson

An anthology of 8 short films looking at abnormal obsessions, including Mythophila, Lactophilia, and of course, Necrophilia, with different teams taking on each part. An Audience have assembled and are presented with these examinations of the taboo. As The Audience delve into these various fetishes both The Presenter and The Audience become more and more disturbed.

“Overall a fun, enjoyable anthology with some really dark and taboo subjects. Worth a watch if you love short films and indie films.” – Rachel Simpson, Horror Screams Video Vault

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