The Orchard End Murder

Christian Marnham, 1981, 49 mins

Look where your sweet tooth has got you now…

A sexually-charged true-crime drama, Christian Marnham’s The Orchard End Murder chronicles the brutal murder of a young woman (Tracy Hyde) in rural Kent, and dramatises the tragic aftermath of the crime. The hunt for the killer leads the woman’s boyfriend (Mark Hardy) to the house of an eccentric stationmaster, who tends a garden of gnomes and seems to possess a diabolical secret.

Orchard End is a cinematic curiosity item, being a short feature intended for distribution as part of a double-bill (usually packaged with Gary Sherman’s Dead and Buried).

“A macabre tale of a bizarre encounter between a cunning hunchback, a demented giant, a naughty litte Red Riding Hood from suburbia – and death” –

“Straddles a queasy line between art and trash, with beautiful pastoral photography contrasting with shocking jolts!” – Mondo Digital