Odyssey of the Dead

Vince D’Amato, 2017, 80 mins

Only our dreams have not been humiliated

A young man is accused of his ex-girlfriend’s murder. Before he is formally charged by the police, he sets out on a two-day odyssey to find the real killer: tracking down his leads from the backseat of a rented limousine. This allows him to converse and ponder class, society, life in the city, and to contemplate the dirt that runs in the small nooks and valleys of cosmopolitan life. Mid-way through the film, the style transforms into Brividio Giallo contemporary, wordless operatic imagery of sex and violence.

“…it seems to bite off an enormous conceptual ambition that is way beyond most B-movies – what other micro-budgeted film could you describe as a giallo version of Cosmopolis?” – moriareviews.com

“a delirious but fascinating, beautifully filmed and edited movie, that even if you might not have gotten the actual story, will remain on your mind for quite some time …” – searchmytrash.com