NUNtastic Double-Bill

A NUNtastic double-bill of sinful pleasure…

Visions of Ecstasy – Nigel Wingrove, 1989, 19 mins

Saint Teresa of Avila, experienced somewhat controversial visions of Jesus confessing his love to her. Visions of Ecstasy is an erotic imagining of this tale, a tale that caused an unimaginable media storm, and led to it being the only film banned in the UK on grounds of blasphemy; using laws since repealed.
Sacred Flesh – Nigel Wingrove, 2000, 75 mins
Torn between sexual desire, her vows of chastity and her fear of eternal damnation, a medieval nun struggles with her sanity.
Bordering on madness, she seeks solace in the savage words of sexual denial that are spoken to her by a disturbing ‘death nun’ vision.
Her sanity is further threatened by the imagined figure of Mary Magdalen who challenges her concepts of sex as an evil, malignant force.
In between these discussions the nun’s mind is filled with brooding, violent, sexual fantasies that push her into a world of blackness, blood, and orgasmic self destruction.

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