J Girl Yummy: Noa Eikawa

$4 for 72 hours VOD

Pink Eiga, 2019, 96 mins

One-click and I am yours…

In this gravure (tease) video you will meet Noa Eikawa, who is an active member of the band EBISU MUSCAT 1.5; which makes her both a Japanese model and a real-life J-Pop idol.

Noa may be small in size, just 4 foot 9 inches tall, but she is big in Japan, having starred in over 400 adult films at only 23 years old.

Born on Christmas day in 1997 – you can unwrap this package now. As she says, just one click and she’s yours to enjoy, in a variety of settings, outfits, and states of undress, all from a one on one point of view!

Noa Eikawa

DoB: 25 December 1997 (age 23 years) – Christmas day!
Height: 1.47 m